Roofing and Windows


10-20-09 Roofing Noon 001

Even before the framers are finished, the roofers started "drying in" the roof. View from the Southwest.

10-20-09 Roofing Noon 024

Roof on the rear of the house is completely "dried in" and ready for shingles. View from the Northeast.

Tamco® brand “Heritage® 30”, Weathered Wood laminated asphalt shingle is the brand and color that was required by the development’s covenants. This shingle will be on every home in this development.

10-20-09 Roofing PM 045

By the end of the first day of roofing, most of the shingles are on the front side of the house. View from the Southwest.

10-21-09 Roofing 001

By noon on the 2nd day, the roofing is complete. View from the Southwest.

10-21-09 Roofing Noon 005

Attic vents on the Garage. View from the Northwest.

10-21-09 Roofing Noon 009

Attic vents, Sun Tunnels, and plumbing vent pipes on the rear of the house. View from the East.


As the roofing is being installed, the window installation is beginning. The first step is the installation of a window sill pan. A Dow® WHEATHERMATE™ Sill Pan was selected for this installation. With the molded ends and corners, this product protects against wind-driven rain penetrating into the wall cavity below the window.

10-20-09 Sill Pans Noon 012

Close up of molded end and backdam.

10-20-09 Sill Pans Noon 014

Close up view from the outside.

Next comes the window. As the result of the energy modeling, it was determined that an ENERGY STAR® rated window was needed. After examining various brands and products, the Anderson® 100 Series windows were selected. The window frame and sash is manufactured from a patented Fibrex® material which is composed of 40% pre-consumer reclaimed wood fiber. The window is glazed with Low-E glass and has a U-Factor of 0.29 and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.19.

These windows are pref-inished inside and outside. There is a choise of four exterior colors: Cocoa Bean, Terratone, Sandtone and White.  The exterior color selected for this house is Sanstone. The interior of the window is White.

10-28-09 008 Window ES Label

Close up of window label.

10-20-09 Windows PM 012

A bead of sealant is applied around the window opening and the window unit is nailed in place. Flashing tape is then applied around the unit on both sides and then across the top. The window installation is complete.

10-20-09 Windows PM 032

View from the inside.

10-20-09 Windows PM 029

All the operable windows are a casement style. View of the window hardware.

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