Tubular Skylights

Skylights reduce the need for artificial lighting in rooms without windows. Tubular skylights have a smaller roof penetration than conventional skylights and have an additional layer of insulated glazing at the ceiling level that resembles a light fixture.

14″ diameter VELUX® SUN TUNNEL™ skylights are being installed in the Master Bedroom closet, the Master Bath and Bath #2.

10-20-09 Sun Tunnel 025

Skylight opening in the roof deck above the Master Bedroom closet.

10-27-09 Sun Tunnel 005

Flexible reflective tube from roof opening to the Master Bath room ceiling. 2 x 4 framing will facilitate insulating the tube through the attic.

10-27-09 Sun Tunnel 008

Reflective flexible tube installed for Sun Tunnel in Bath #2.

10-21-09 Roofing Noon 009

Sun Tunnel domes on the roof on the East side of the house.

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