Deck Construction

While the siding contractor started installing the siding on the side of the house, the deck is started on the rear or East side of the house. Similar to the fascia, soffit, siding and trim; the materials used constructing the deck were chosen for their durability and sustainability.

The deck posts are rough Cedar. The corner post supports the roof above the deck. View from the East.

The deck floor framing is treated lumber. The ledger is lag bolted to the wall studs.

Deck joists. View from the Master Bedroom.

Before the decking and handrail are complete, the siding is installed around the deck structure. View of corner trim cut around deck rim joist.

The decking material is TimberTech®, Floorizon® Plank, made from recycled high-density polyethylene and recycled wood flour from the woodworking industry. It does not require staining or sealing and is resistant to termites.

Decking material delivered to the site.

Laying out decking material on the structure. View from the South.

Decking material and hand rail posts installed. View from the South.

A concealed fastening clip screwed to joists, spaces and holds the decking material in place.

Installation of the decking material is complete. View looking to the North.

Decking material and hand rail posts installed. View from the North.

Joists with composite deck material installed. View from the bottom side.

Installation of composite trim material to finish the edge of the decking. View looking North.

The handrail is being constructed using redwood top and bottom rails.Redwood is a renewable resource with 80% of the available redwood commercial forest being certified under one of two widely recognized certification programs: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) of the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI SM).* Unlike treated lumber, redwood has grown-in resistance to decay and insects that is present throughout the lumber, not just on the surface.

Handrail being installed. Handrail balusters are steel tubing. View looking toward the Northeast.

Deck railing with composite trim applied around the edge. Redwood and steel tube railing above.

Completed deck and railing. View looking East.

Completed deck and railing. The opening in the rail is for stairs to the patio below. View looking Northeast.

*source: Forest Stewardship Council, American Forest & Paper Association’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI SM) Program, or

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