Construction Waste Management

According to the USGBC, waste from building construction projects accounts for about 40% of all the material sent to landfills in the United States. To encourage the recycling of construction waste, both the LEED® for Homes program and the NAHB Green Building program awards points for recycling efforts.

We investigated the recycling options in Wichita and set a goal of 25% waste diversion. The plan includes recycling cardboard, wood, and gypsum (sheetrock) as follows: 

  • Cardboard: All cardboard packaging is to be recycled.  
  • Wood: All wood scraps are to be re-used by one of our employees. 
  • Gypsum: All gypsum scraps are to be made into compost.

This photo illustrates a situation that we had not anticipated. Our project dumpster was frequently used by others in the neighborhood. This picture was taken several days after framing was started. In the dumpster are electrical components, empty paint cans and an air filter. Obviously at this time none of these items came from our project. One morning we even found a dishwasher in the dumpster. 

Despite the extra debris, we have kept over 3,000 lbs. of waste from the landfill and we believe that we will achieve our 25 % diversion goal.

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