Inspections are “third party” verifications that various phases of work are being performed in accordance with the required building codes and the requirements of the five programs that this home will be certified for. The first group of inspections was performed by the City of Wichita when the basement was being constructed. Those inspections checked that the house was correctly located on the lot and that the required reinforcing steel was installed in the basement footings and walls. These inspections were preformed on August 26th.

Before the insulation can be installed in the house, a second group of inspections is required by the City of Wichita. This series of inspections are to check the “rough-ins” of the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. These inspections were performed on November 13th and 16th. After the trades “rough-ins” are approved and signed off, the next required inspection is the framing. It was performed and approved on November 17th.

Signatures and dates on the City of Wichita inspection card. View of the backside of the card taped to the Kitchen window.

Upon completion of the insulation, another series of inspections will be required to assure compliance with the LEED® for Homes, ENERGY STAR®, NAHB Green Building, Indoor airPLUS, and the Builders Challenge programs.

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