Cabinets, Interior Doors and Trim


All the cabinets, selected for the house, were constructed by a manufacturer that is certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA), Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP). This certification requires that manufacturers support sustainability in areas of air quality, product resource management, process resource management, environmental stewardship and community relations. Please visit to learn more about the KCMA ESP.

Kitchen cabinets stored in the Living Room ready for installation.

KCMA Certification mark on each carton.

KCMA Certification sticker inside each cabinet.

Base cabinets installed in the Kitchen at the West wall.

Base cabinet installed in Kitchen at the Breakfast Bar.

Wall cabinets being installed in the Kitchen on the West wall.

Wall cabinets installed on the North wall of the Kitchen.

Wall cabinets and refrigerator panels installed on the South wall of the Kitchen with crown molding applied.

Corner wall cabinet with crown molding.

Close up of crown molding on the wall cabinets.

Vanity cabinets installed at the North wall of the Master Bath. Vanity cabinet installed in the Basement Bath.

Interior Doors

Interior doors selected for the house are Masonite® Continental™, hollow core, 2 panel roundtop, smooth molded panel doors. All of the doors jambs are made from particleboard and the face is laminated with Birch veneer. With the exception of the closets, all of the doors were pre-hung including the machining for the latches and with the door stop and hinges installed.

Pre-hung doors delivered to the Garage.

Master Bath door.

Door jamb pre-machined for the door strike.

Bedroom 2 bi-fold door.

Linen Closet door.


The casing and base selected for the house is made from short pieces of wood “finger-jointed” and glued together for longer lengths. Shelving, the electric fireplace surround and the bench in the Laundry are all constructed using Birch veneer plywood and Poplar lumber.

Primed wood casing installed.

Primed wood base installed.

Particle board treads, solid wood risers and trim on the stairway.

Wood handrail on the stairway wall.

Wood cap on the stairway wall.

Close up view of the wood cap on the stairway wall.

Close up view of the wood cap on the stairway wall.

Linen shelving in the Master Bath.

Wood bench in the Laundry room.

Wood surround for the electric fireplace on the North wall of the Living Room.

Close up view of the top of the electric fireplace surround.

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