Electric Fireplace

Usually a fireplace is the focal point of the Living Room in most homes. But whether they are site built out of brick or whether they are pre-fabricated units and even with glass doors, they are not energy efficent. They act as a direct vent for heat to escape from the house. This electric fireplace does not burn any fuel, wood or gas, but has a realistic flame effect that looks remarkably like a real fire and can produce 3,410 BTUs of heat.

Wood panels have been attached around the opening in the surround constructed on the North wall of the Living Room.

Close up of the shelf and wood trim for the electric fireplace.

Electric fireplace unit installed.

The finished fireplace after a faux finish is applied to the wood panels aound the electric fireplace.

Close up view of the hammered metalic finish and the faux rivets.

Close up view of the faux rivets.

The fireplace unit is manufactured by OptiFlame® and is operated by either the manual controls on the top of the fireplace or by a remote control. It has a realistic inner glow log set, a pulsating ember bed, a 1,000 W thermostat-controlled fan-forced heater and can operates with flame only or flame and heat. Please visit www.optiflame.com to learn more about this electric fireplace.

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