Home Show Exhibit

On February 4th through the 7th, Bauer & Son Construction participated in the 56th annual Home Show sponsored by the Wichita Area Builders Association. The booth we selected is 10’ x 20’ at the end of an aisle. We produced plans and had the display fabricated.   

Plan of the rear wall display. The large blue rectangles are 37” flat screen TV’s.

Plan of the aisle kiosk display. This unit has two TV’s as well. Each TV played a video or slideshow about the home we have under construction.

Panels for the displays are ready to be assembled.

Aisle kiosk display assembled in the shop ready for paint and pre-drilling for sign mountings. This kiosk is three individual sections with storage in the bottom of each unit. The shelf for the center section is on the floor. When assembled, these three units are 8’ wide x 8’ tall x 2’ deep.


The rear wall display assembled in the shop with blue masking tape applied for painting the reveals. The two shelves are to display brochures. This unit assembled is 20’ long x 8’ tall x 1’ deep.

Booths are beginning to be assembled in Exhibition Hall the day before the show opens.

The Bauer & Son Construction booth prior to our arrival the day before the show opens.

Bauer & Son Construction truck backing in for the delivery of the display components.

Unpacking the display components from the delivery truck.

The first two pieces of the kiosk display in place on the aisle side of the booth.

The rear wall display pieces being set up on the back side of the booth.

Assembling the kiosk display

Program logos all mounted on the displays and the metal letter signs are being installed on the aisle side of the kiosk unit.

TV’s are in boxes in the lower right corner ready to be installed.

The kiosk unit with the TV and metal letters mounted. Green masking tape is holding the letters until the silicone dries.

The booth is ready for the first day of the show.

The back of the kiosk unit with a TV featuring Bauer & Son Construction’s GreenLogic web site.

Bauer & Son Construction employees, Adam Bauer and Steve Houser, manning the booth.

Bauer & Son Construction employees, Adam Bauer and Steve, talking to visitors.

Bauer & Son Construction employee, Laura Heagler, answering questions about green building programs.

Awareness and Education is a LEED® for Homes category for earning points, but participation in a home show was not approved as a way to promote general public awareness about LEED for Homes. LEED does however have a process whereby applicants can seek guidance on how LEED credits apply to their project. This process is called a Credit Interpretation Request (CIR). Since the potential exposure of the home show was projected to be 38,000 to 40,000 attendees, we are proceeding with the request.

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