Lawn Sprinkler System & Landscaping

Large blocks of native limestone are used as a retaining wall at the South side of the Basement Walk-Out patio. This wall eliminates the steep slope at this location on the lot.  

Stone retaining wall, view from the rear yard looking West.

Stone retaining wall, view looking toward the North

The lot is graded and ready for the trees. View from the Southeast corner of the lot.

Removing dirt for a new tree.

The tree spade placing a new tree in the front yard.

The tree is in place.

Two trees are planted on the South slde of the lot. The one at the rear of the lot is a Oak tree. View from the Southeast.

The tree in the front yard is an Oak. View from the street looking East.

Once the trees are set, the installation of a lawn sprinkler system begins. A high efficency irrigation system will quality for 3 LEED points in the Water Efficiency category. 

Laying out the pipe for the irrigation system. View of the North side of the house, looking East.

The vibratory plow used to bury the pipe for the irrigation system.

Flaged locations of sprinkler heads in the rear yard for the lawn irrigation system.

The Rain Bird® ESP-SMT Smart Control System is selected as part of the irrigation system. The ESP-SMT maximizes water efficiency by factoring in everything from soil type to the slope of the lawn, to the amount of sun exposure different areas receive. To learn more about Rain Bird ESP-SMT please visit 

Irrigation control panel located in the Garage.

Rain sensor located on the North side of the Garage roof.

  Once the irrigation system is complete the landscaping begins. 

Plant stock stored in the Garage, ready to be installed.

Installing edging for the plant beds.

After the plant beds are layed out and plants are in place, the lawn is next. Since the season for seeding has past, sod is selected for the lawn.

Sod installed in front yard.

Sod not yet complete on the side yard, view looking East.

Sod on the rear yard. View from the Southeast.

Sod and plant bed at the front porch.

Sod and plant bed behind the house. The landscaping is complete.

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